Payment Plans Starting at $149.00 per month*

Lock in Your Bankruptcy Attorney Fee Now!

You may not need a bankruptcy right now, but odds are you may need it later when this pandemic subsides.

Lock in your attorney fee now for your post-COVID19 Bankruptcy with our convenient payment plan.  Retain our services today, lock in your attorney fee, and you will have access to an experienced attorney to help you along the way as you save up for your bankruptcy.

For as little as $149 per month, you will have hired an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will be available to you the entire time your account is in good standing.

Attorney fees for bankruptcy must be paid prior to the filing of the bankruptcy. We cannot become a creditor in your own case. It is much easier to save over time then try to come up with all the fees later on once you are desperate and need to file.

You will have questions along the way, and we will be available to answer them.

Your money is held in a Trust Account. You can cancel services any time and receive a refund less a $24.99 monthly administrative maintenance fee and less any attorney fees for time spent (e.g. answering calls from your creditors, responding to your email questions, etc.).

Why Start Now?

  • Save money. By locking in your rate now, you will avoid the eventual glut of people who will be scrambling to file bankruptcy in the coming months.
  • Once hired, you may refer your creditors to us to reduce the constant collection harassment that inevitably ensues.
  • An attorney will be available to you to answer questions about your situation.
  • You might wonder what you can and cannot spend using your credit cards.
  • You might wonder how long you have once foreclosure starts, etc.
  • By the time you are ready to file bankruptcy, you will be fully paid or be nearly fully paid so you can readily file bankruptcy without delay.
  • Have the convenience of working with us from the comfort of your own home.

How Do I Start?

You must call 978-851-4000 to schedule a FREE Consultation. (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm). We will quote you a custom bankruptcy fee based on your specific situation. You will rest easy knowing that your bankruptcy is locked in and your lawyer is retained.

*Conditions and restrictions apply. We will assess your situation during the initial free consultation. Express Bankruptcy Solution, P.C. s is not hired until the client has supplied a signed retainer agreement and funds have cleared. We are a law firm, not a bank. Any request to withdraw unearned funds constitutes the cancellation of services.