, Post Bankruptcy Budgeting and Credit Re-Eduation

After your Massachusetts bankruptcy and debt collection burdens are behind you, it is time to take a hard look at your spending behaviors and consider how your view of money and finances may have changed after coming through the process.  Although you can file more than one bankruptcy in a lifetime, it’s not something anyone wants to have to do again and its important to take a serious personal inventory about your hardship situation and how finances might have been treated differently. 

When you finally receive your discharge or dismissal and have your fresh start, you may realize you’ve only reached the end of one set of challenges.  Although you completed your credit counseling class as part of your Massachusetts bankruptcy requirements, there is more to finding financial peace and true financial freedom than boasting a high credit score. 

Despite how much damage bankruptcy does to your credit, you can once again boast healthy finances in a non-traditional approach to money management.  We endorse the “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey as a solid foundation for re-education about the correct way to view and handle money. In this book, Dave Ramsey dispels 10 myths about money and teaches readers to secure a healthy emergency funds and save appropriately for retirement.